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10th class Biology Guess 2019 Final

Biology 10 guess

List of Important Short Questions of Biology
 Write the role of skin in homeostasis?
 Write the types of Coordination.
 Write the names of two types of cartilage.
 Write the names of components of Coordination Action.
 Write the names of the hormones secreted by ovaries.
 Write the functions of hypothalamus.
 Write name of three main parts of brain?
 Write the difference between Elastic cartilage and Fibrous cartilage?
 Write four symptoms of pneumonia.
 Write down types and symptoms of Bronchitis?
 Write down types of nerves on basis of axon characters?
 Write down the symptoms and treatment of Asthma?

: Write down ditterence or define Aerobic respiration/expiration

2:bronchitis types/symptoms.

3:peritoeal dialysis.

4 function of coordinator?

5 what is say about eye according to Ali ibn e Isa


7:elastic cartilage/fibrous cartilage

9:external/internal fertilization

10:define discontinuous variation with exp

21 :define natural selection?22:define incomplete dominance?

23:describe lactic acid fermentation?24:what is rheumatoid arthritis?

25 what is acute bronchitis?26:what is self pollination?

27:define alcoholic fermentation?28:what is meant by re combinant DNA?

29:define hormone?30:define blind spot?31 define genotype/phenotype.

32:dominant/recessive allele

33:what is tetra cycline?

34:define synthetic drugs?

35:define aids?36:what is pyramid of biomass?

37:homozygous/hetrozygous genotype

38:define drug addiction?

39:define law of segregation?

40:define law of independent assortment?

important topics for long questions

1.Function of kidney

2.Note on kidney stone

3.Spinal cord

4.Structure of Ear

5.Ptary glands

6.Disorders of eye

7.Cartilage & its types

8.Disorder of skeleton

9.Germination ofseed

10.Limiting factors of Seed germination

11.Male Reproductive System of Rabbit.

12.Biotic components of an ecosystem

13. Carbon cycle


15.Ammonification and nitrification

16.Basic steps of genetic Engineering

17 Fermented food prod

18.Any five achievements of G.E

19.Single Cell Protein

20.Artificial vegetative propagation

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