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10th class Biology Guess 2019 Final

Biology 10 guess List of Important Short Questions of Biology  Write the role of skin in homeostasis?  Write the types of Coordination.  Write the names of two types of cartilage.  Write the names of components of Coordination Action.  Write the names of the hormones secreted …

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10th class Mathematics Guess 2019

                                                                GUESS Mathematics 10th 2019  Chapter #1 Ex1.1 q1(1)q2(1,2,3) Ex1.2 q1,ex1.3 q2,5,ex1.4q1,2,4 chapter #2 ex2.1q1(1,2)q2(1,3),ex2.2q1,q2(1,2,3,5,6),ex2.3q1(1,2,3),ex2.4q1(1,2)q2(1,3)q3(1,2)ex2.5q1(a,d)q2(1,2,3)ex2.6q1(1,2)q3(1,2)q4(1)q5(1),ex2.7q1 Chapter #3 ex3.1q1,3,6,7,8,10 ex3.2q1,2,9,10,11,13 …

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HBL PSL 4 2019 Today matches 27 February 2019

HBL PSL 4 today first match will be played between lahore Qalandars and Queeta Gladiators at 4: 30 Pm At Dubai             27/02 – 04:30 PM PKT 17th Match (D/N), Pakistan Super League at Dubai, Feb 27 2019 Lahore Qalandars  VS Quetta Gladiators   27/02 …

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Foari Tibbi Imdad Helping Book by rescues 1122

      Rescue 1122 is the first and fastest service in Pakistan to provide immediately rescue to the whole nation we are very thank full to this service from the death of our hearts .  This book provide you the information in first aid emergency . By reading this …

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